There are some days you get to live that are just down-right amazing! My book event for ‘On Love and Death and Belonging’, at Indigo on Robson March 16th here in Vancouver, was one of those days. My husband John by my side.

Watching the people of all ages visiting the store on such a sunny Saturday as they perused and purchased books, met-up at the coffee shop and shopped througout the store – one could forget that a few short years ago, it was thought bookstores were dying. If the activity at Indigo was anything to go by, bookstores are still very much alive and going strong.

One young gentleman, around 12 years of age, came over with his mom to wish me luck. I asked him about the books he was taking home. I don’t think his smile could get any bigger as he showed them to us!

I also got to meet a lovely, little dog wearing a bright, pink harness. She was too cute, wagging her perfectly combed, bushy tail, that I just had to go over and ask her person if I could pat her. When I asked what the little dog’s name was, her person answered: “Daphne”. OMG! Never having met a dog with the same name as me, of course, I had to get a picture.

But it was the young lady, who picked up a copy of ‘On Love and Death and Belonging’ for her dad, that will stick with me. We had one of those moments you don’t soon forget. Through tears, she shared with me that her father has Alzheimer’s and is considering M.A.I.D. She thought my book might help him. That she trusted me enough to share her story. That in some way she thought my book might help her father as he decides on his next steps. That I was able to give her some sites to access that may help support her and her dad, all this made the day even more meaningful and reminded me of one of the reasons for my writing ‘On Love and Death and Belonging’.

I’d like to send out a big thank-you to IndigoRobson for welcoming me and giving me space. I’d also like to thank the folks that came by to chat. Bookstores are wonderful places. And I quote the great Vincent van Goph: “So often, a visit to a bookshop has cheered me, and reminded me that there are good things in the world.”

‘Till next time.
Daphne Leonie Wright

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