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On Love and Death and Belonging

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Book Synopsis

On Love and Death and Belonging is a fresh, light-hearted, yet profound look at the intersection of the lives of three later-middle-aged people. A group often othered in today’s society and not always included in the lexicon of contemporary novels except as bit players. Fiona, a burned-out nurse, still needing a pay cheque, counting the days to retirement. Brice, a gay man coming to terms with a diagnosis of ALS and the need for care. Adelina, marginalized and living with domestic abuse, her belief in God guides her. The impacts of aging, loneliness, isolation, invisibility, and illness leading to medical assistance in dying, unite these three characters as they search for belonging. On Love and Death and Belonging gives voice to the realization that life, by its very design, doesn’t always get easier. Sometimes, it’s just plain hard.

1 review for On Love and Death and Belonging

  1. Stuart Smith

    I just finished On Love and Death and Belonging, and I was really blown away by it, and I could not put it down once I started. I often felt like I was walking through my city (Vancouver), our situation (lack of doctors, overcrowded doctor waiting areas, housing challenges), and the lives of 3 people who were facing challenges many in our time face. So many themes in this novel which touch on various directions many lives take – e.g. isolation/loneliness. The book had me laughing so many times but then by the end had me caring greatly about the 3 people who we follow. Very good read. Highly recommend it.

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