Yippee! I made it onto the Amazon Bestseller List. For a short time — BUT I MADE IT! Now to keep the momentum going. Which, for many of us, no matter the goal, is how to keep the drive, inspiration, motivation, desire and hard-work going. Easy to say but how do we do it?
Here is what worked for me. I hope it can help you.

The biggest thing about this endeavour of mine was that I was reminded how many supportive people I was blessed to have in my life. They gave me love, kindness, and motivation. No one laughed at me. No one said I couldn’t do it. EVERYONE told me they couldn’t wait to read my book. Now that it’s finished, each and everyone of them has purchased a copy of On Love and Death and Belonging and are reading it. So seek out those supportive folk in your life. They are there.

On the days I felt too overwhelmed to continue, I took some time away from writing, not for too long, but for walk, a nap, to read a book, to talk with my husband, sisters, a friend. When I got back to writing, I was revitalized.

I spoke to others who had written and indie-published their books. My friend Anne, who wrote An Angel in the Marble – what breast cancer taught me, helped answer some of my questions. So did Tom Locke who wrote Moments in Time. If they didn’t have the answers they directed me to places I could find the answers. I also had TSPA staff to fall back on. (They guided me through self-publishing.)

I sought out experts to set-up my website, upload my book on Amazon, design the cover and the interior of the book and so much more. Yes, it cost money but it saved me a lot of time and frustration.

I was kind to me. After all, I was finally completing a novel. Something I’ve been thinking of doing since high-school. (Yup! That was somewhere near the end of the 1900’s.) What an accomplishment Daphne! I’m so proud of me! Look at moi go! And maybe that is what one needs to remind oneself the most when working on a goal. You will get it done in one form or another.

So bravo to you! Finish that mile by putting one foot in front of the other. Keep going. You can do it. Keep the faith.

‘Till next time
Daphne Leonie Wright

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