Dressed in a blue jacket, a bright white tee, and casual dress pants, the man standing across the desk pointed to a chair. He looked
about thirty-five, maybe forty. He reminded Adelina of a cologne advertisement in a men’s magazine. Adelina doubted he’d ever
been a housekeeper. Those that do, do. Those that don’t, don’t.
“Hello, Adele. Just like the singer. My name is Mr White. I’m in charge of the housekeeping and maintenance departments. Please take a seat.”
“Thank you, Mr White.” Adelina sat down. “My name is Adelina.”
“Oh, yes. Right. Thank you. I wouldn’t want to call you by the wrong name now, would I? I might get mixed up and give the job
to someone named Adele.” His smile was smarmy as he took the seat across from her. Adelina was used to this kind of behaviour.
People in power didn’t always care to know your name if you weren’t important to them.
Mr White looked down at her resume. “So you’re applying for a housekeeping position. Is that correct?”
“Yes. My most recent job was office cleaning.”
“Office work is very different from cleaning peoples’ rooms. There are many demands on your work day in a care facility. There is also bodily waste that needs to be cleaned up. How would you feel about working in those types of conditions?”
“Yes, Mr White. It does not bother me. I’ve cleaned medical offices.”
“Here at Waterview Retirement Village, Calla Lily Tower, we are in the midst of a re-fit with some of our employees. We’re trying to accommodate schedules and workloads. This means some of our workers have reapplied and are first in line for the daytime positions. Basically, only the night shift needs filling.”
“That’s fine Mr White. I’m used to working nights.”
“Well now, that’s great. Your references, by the way, are very good. Your supervisor Joni Howard gave you a glowing report. It says here that she was sorry to see you go. You worked there for eleven years?”
“What made you leave?”
Adelina knew this man would not want to know the truth about how the workers got laid off and then had to re-apply for their jobs
for double the work. “I saw your ad in the paper. Waterview Retirement Village sounded like a good place that cared for the residents and the staff. A place where I would like to work.”
“Wonderful.” Mr White stood and extended his right hand. “Thank you for coming in today. My colleagues and I are meeting
with a few others before we make any decisions. I’ll get back to you early next week with an answer. On your way out, would you
ask the next person to come in?”

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