I am so excited! I’m having my book launch at the Coquitlam Public Library:
Feb, 26th
1 – 2pm
Coquitlam Public Library
City Centre Branch
1169 Pine Tree Way
Room 127.

I want to send a big THANK-YOU out to them! They have gone the extra mile helping me with this. Plus, I’m now the proud owner of a Coquitlam Public Library card. AND they put a copy of my book, On Love and Death and Belonging, in their collection. (Which has my inner child so delighted ’cause I LOVE LIBRARIES and always have. Especially in days of yore with the smell of polished oak as one sat down at a table to read; or how one thumbed through the card catagloue with its dewy decimel numbers so you could find your book on the shelf as promised – unless of course someone got to it first; the delicious silence interupted only by the sound of heels on the marble floor or the warning “shoosh” of the librarian – usually female. All you needed to loan out a book for free was a card! How wonderful then! How wonderful now!)

So, if you would like to join me for this reading, please let me know on the contact section of this website.
Look forward to seeing you.
‘Till Next Time
Daphne Leonie Wright

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